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#Hashtags and @Tags

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#Hashtags and @Tags

Post by ElNumbre on Wed 30 May 2018 - 15:32

#DidyouKnow that you can use a hashtag (#) within forum posts to add context to your messages and help people discover related threads.  In the same way as a twitter hashtag, you can click on the tagged post and see all of those topics marked with that hashtag.   Can I urge everyone to try and tag their topics with Hashtags to improve searchability.

Secondly, you can use @ tags to alert a member that you've mentioned them in a post.  So, if you're following up on a thread, use the @ followed by their username, e.g. @ElNumbre to notify them of their involvement, especially where you're looking for a response.  They're automatically included in quotes, but if you're just continuing a discussion, add an @ to their name so they know.


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